What's a good laptop for work?

Episode 1085 (12:39)

Lori from San Diego, CA
Acer Aspire S7

Lori is in need of a tablet or laptop that's easy to use and can provide her with a good productivity tool at work. She broke her laptop and she's a bit lost in what to get. Leo says for work, Windows is paramount. He's not really a fan of the Surface tablet so far, and even though the new Surface is light and portable, Microsoft doesn't seem to know what they want it to be -- a tablet or a laptop. The keyboard that it comes with isn't so great either. But it does come with One Note on the Surface 3, which makes it an ideal machine for work. That's the only real advantage of it though.

Leo says a good Windows 8.1 machine is what Lori wants to get moving forward. And getting a laptop with touch screen is a good idea. The Acer Aspire S7 is quite good, and very thin. Acer has decided to eliminate their low end computers, which weren't very good, and are now focusing on higher end product.