Johnny Jet

Episode 1085 (1:16:40)

Johnny is home for Memorial Day. Leo's going to Hawaii and wants to know if there's a good Luau to look into. Johnny says he's only been to the touristy ones and he's not impressed. A few deals - Priceline had a mistake this year and offering $130 trips to Asia via Europe through New York. Tickets to Turkey, Beijing, and since they're only one way, you'd have to pay full fare to come home. But a great deal. And Johnny says it's not required to honor the mistake, but they almost always do because it's a PR nightmare. Johnny will Tweet it after the show, so stay tuned. Also sign up for his newsletter which will get you the best deals out there.

Virgin America is running a beta test for a new site at and it's designed to streamline the booking process. Leo says it's a beautiful and easy to navigate. They've also redesigned their boarding passes to be easier to fit in your pocket.

New product - UgoBags. They're running a Kickstarter campaign right now, and they let you design your own bags to make them easier to find in the luggage rack. They're selling for $189, but if you back their campaign, you can get them for $149. Leo says you have to understand that a Kickstarter campaign often doesn't yield a product as promised. But in this case, it looks pretty good.

The Etihad's AirBus A380 is now being equipped with a three room suit which you can book for $44000.