Will the new iPhone be bigger?

Episode 1084 (1:59:11)

Chris from La Jolla, CA

Chris is a bit jealous because his girlfriend's Samsung Galaxy S5 is so much larger than his iPhone 4s. Leo says that is true, but Samsung also has a lot of bloatware on it. In june, Apple's Worldwide Development Conference may give us some hints about the new iPhone, iOS 8, etc. We may find out whether or not the next iPhone will be larger. So if he can be patient until then, it may pay off.

Leo is of the opinion that Apple is finally going to increase the screen size, so he'll just have to wait, if he can. Will it be bigger than the Galaxy S5? Leo says no. Probably 4.7". But that'll work in his hand better and he will probably like it. But if he wants to make the switch to Android…Leo did and he's never really looked back.