How can I get rid of adware?

Episode 1084 (39:49)

Lou from Inland Empire, CA

Lou has adware and after scanning for it, it hasn't disappeared. Leo says that adware is annoying, but most antivirus software doesn't view it as malware because the user chooses to install the software that had the adware in it. He can probably remove it through "add/remove programs". Leo advises getting rid of TechGenie and whatever's left of McAfee, and install only Microsoft's Security Essentials. Lou should also run the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Start -> Run -> type "MRT" return. Choose thorough scan. He should also check his browser extensions for things to remove. He can run the browser in safe mode and if it's not there, then he would know that it's a browser extension.

What about MalwareBytes? Leo is reluctant because he could download a version of it that has been co-opted by hackers if he doesn't get it from the original maker.