Why is my Android phone connection so slow?

Episode 1083 (47:59)

Bill from Eastvale, CA

Bill has a new LG Optimus Android phone and even though he was promised downloads 7 times faster, he can't do anything because it buffers forever. Leo says that there are bandwidth issues, clearly, and that could largely be do to T-Mobile's coverage not being very good in his area. Leo recommends downloading a speed test app like OKLA. That will tell Bill what kind of speeds he's getting.

Bandwidth comes from each individual cell tower and if more people are using that particular tower, then it gets congested and he'll end up with slow speeds regardless of the signal strength. It may also be that the company throttles after using a certain amount of data in their so-called "unlimited" data plan. If he's having trouble on Wi-Fi as well, then it's clearly an issue with the phone itself. Leo advises taking the phone in and requesting a replacement. But back it up first because they may end up resetting the phone to make it work better.

Bill also is having issues with sending text messages. Leo says that's clearly a phone issue. Maybe the settings are all messed up.