Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1083 (27:40)

Scott joins us to talk about Godzilla. Leo says he saw the movie last night and even though it was in 3D, there really wasn't a lot of 3D in it. It was very subtly used to more enhance the movie, rather than rely on the 3D gimmicks. Scott says that's been his argument all along. Make 3D more subtle, because extreme 3D takes you out of the movie, and so it was smart of the director to rely on "less is more."

Scott has also heard complaints that the audio is super loud, used almost as a weapon. Leo says yeah, it was loud but he wasn't bothered by it. What he was really bothered by was that they kept cutting away to the human story, rather than let us enjoy the battle itself. And that was a drag. Interesting movie, but Leo says that Pacific Rim did it better.

This week, we've heard that both Samsung and Sony are putting their OLED development plans on the back burner. So is OLED dead? Scott says it's a better business model to build 4K LCD TVs that they can make more on than OLED, which only sold 4400 units worldwide. LG, by contrast, is going all in on OLED, coming out with 5 models by next year. And that makes sense as well since with Samsung and Sony out, there's no competition.