What smartphone should I buy?

Episode 1082 (2:11:51)

Jesse from Lancaster, CA

Jesse has an old iPhone 4S and he's thinking of upgrading, but he wants to avoid iOS 7.1. Should he switch to Android? Leo says we are in a wonderful time with plenty of great phones to choose from. If he's willing to leave the Apple ecosystem, it'll probably only set him back $50 in apps, and music will transfer fairly easily.

The iPhone 5S is a beauty, though. But it will be superseded by the iPhone 6 soon. Leo isn't a fan of Samsung phones anymore because they've been loaded up with junk and they're now made with a lot of plastic. Leo does like the Sony Xperia phone, but he doesn't care for the customizations. Leo says the HTC One is probably the best with a very crisp screen, front facing speakers, and a good 5" screen size. The camera is very good feature wise. At the end of the day, Leo has a hunch that Jesse will like the iPhone 5S the best.