What is a good computer for a senior citizen?

Episode 1082 (1:48:00)

Terry from Whittier, CA
WOW! Computer

Terry has an 86 year old mother who feels that the world is passing her by with all this social media stuff. She heard about a new computer called the WOW! computer. The WOW! computer is expensive, but they do offer a 30 day trial, so it may be worth it to give it a try. But remember, internet access will be an additional cost too. And the down side is, she would be completely dependent on the WOW! computer company for everything.

Leo got his mom an iPad, but Terry's mom has arthitis, so using an iPad is an issue. This WOW! Computer runs Linux, but it's hidden underneath an interface of big buttons to make it easy for older people to use it. Leo says another option is a Chromebox. It's like a Mac Mini, but uses Google Chrome OS. She can also find ideas at the SavvySenior.org or this article.