How can I avoid high cable TV bills and phone contracts?

Episode 1082 (1:07:16)

Gary from Oceanside, CA

Gary wants to know more about cutting cable television, and wants to know what his options would be to avoid mobile phone contracts too. Gary spends about $150 a month for two smartphones, and spends $150 on cable TV.

As far as cable goes, much of the content he wants is available on the internet. The companies have been making sure that the cost of cable and internet is not much more than the internet alone. The cable companies don't want to become a wholesale provider of bits, so they're doing whatever they can to hang onto cable TV subscriptions. They are also pursuing congress and the FCC, who have been favorable to the cable and cell industries. The laws and FCC regulations seem to favor cable companies. In fact, in most areas they're a monopoly. All of the phone companies act like monopolies as well, even though there are four major companies.

Leo does believe that the consumer, in the end, will win. The internet has made it possible for us to educate ourselves more than ever before, and communicate much better. The FCC will be publishing new rules for net neutrality on Wednesday. Then we can read it, and provide feedback on it. Leo thinks we should eliminate all of these monopolistic regulations and allow companies to compete.