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Watch Andrew from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Andrew doesn't like how the app store on the iPad utilizes the screen real estate. Leo says Apple has to make things big and take up space because it has to be large enough to tap with fingers. He also isn't thrilled with the new design that puts light grey or blue text on a white background. Leo says Apple does a better job with accessibility than most companies, but it's still not perfect. Leo suggests writing to Apple about his accessibility issues.

Apple has a great Accessibility page for iOS at Click the "Resources" button, and he'll be able to find communities to participate in, a discussion list, and more. He can also email them at

Watch Joe from Tampa, FL Comments

Joe got a VOiP box from Obihai which lets him have phone service. But now it won't let him use third party apps like Google Chat. Leo says that was always a hack that Obihai used in order to use Google Chat. Google has taken the XMPP servers down, which means Obihai can't use it. And as such, they've created alternatives. But they won't necessarily be free when they do.

Watch Joe from Tampa, FL Comments

Joe wants to know how the iPhone works for the blind. Leo says that it's by far the best, although Android and Microsoft have done great work in making their phones more accessible with screen readers. The iPhone still is the best option for blind users, though.

Watch Dillon from Apple Dorn, Netherlands Comments

Dillon wants to start a podcast, but doesn't know how to build his audience. Leo says that's the wrong way to think about it. An "audience" expects to be amused and entertained. For podcasting, that's just not enough. He'll want to build a community who will stay engaged with him and his show. He'll want to have discussions, chats, etc. The realm of media has really changed.

So he should have social media, a website, and maybe even a chatroom. He should also make sure that the podcast is on a topic he's most excited about. Think about a very specific topic, too. He may have to do it for free for quite awhile until he builds it up.

If he can get someone older involved, he could try using Patreon.

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Watch Pete from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Leo says that the G-Box runs XBMC and it may be that he needs to run a plugin that will add a channel guide. Another issue is that guides tend to cost money. Leo recommends Googling XMBC and "repository," he'll find one he can install. Here's some places to look:,, and XBMC's Wiki.

Watch Pete from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Pete would like to encrypt his hard drive so nobody could use his computer unless they had the password. Leo says the easiest way to do this is to use the file lockers that the OS comes with. Windows has BitLocker, and Apple has FileVault. He can turn them on in the OS. But some people don't trust them because they don't know if there's a back door built into them for the NSA. So open source options like TrueCrypt exist. Can he just encrypt folders? Leo says absolutely. He can also encrypt external drives. But Leo uses the built-in version from the OS.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom wants a dash cam for his car to record just in case he has an accident. Leo says that the Garmin Dash Cam is a great option for about $220. It records in HD, has an LCD screen, and date stamps the date and time on the video. It records on a built-in 4GB card and loops until he needs to keep it.

Watch Gary from Oceanside, CA Comments

Gary wants to know more about cutting cable television, and wants to know what his options would be to avoid mobile phone contracts too. Gary spends about $150 a month for two smartphones, and spends $150 on cable TV.

As far as cable goes, much of the content he wants is available on the internet. The companies have been making sure that the cost of cable and internet is not much more than the internet alone. The cable companies don't want to become a wholesale provider of bits, so they're doing whatever they can to hang onto cable TV subscriptions. They are also pursuing congress and the FCC, who have been favorable to the cable and cell industries. The laws and FCC regulations seem to favor cable companies. In fact, in most areas they're a monopoly. All of the phone companies act like monopolies as well, even though there are four major companies.

Leo does believe that the consumer, in the end, will win. The internet has made it possible for us to educate ourselves more than ever before, and communicate much better. The FCC will be publishing new rules for net neutrality on Wednesday. Then we can read it, and provide feedback on it. Leo thinks we should eliminate all of these monopolistic regulations and allow companies to compete.

Watch Kathy from Maryland Comments

Kathy is blind and she suggests to the caller who wanted to know if the iPhone was good for blind people, that maybe he try the iPod Touch. It's essentially the same as a phone. Leo says that by buying from the Apple store, they can walk him through using it.

Leo also thinks that RokForm makes great cases for those who are blind because they have very powerful magnets that can allow users to hang their phone on an appliance.

Watch Bill from Louis, DE Comments

Bill does the sound at his church and when he uses burned CDs, they won't work with his players. Leo says that there's more than one way to burn a disc. He can burn a disc by dragging files onto a CD, and if he doesn't finalize them, they won't be usable. If it's a data disc, it may play on a computer, but not a CD player. It's not a perfect art. But the key is to be sure it's burned properly.

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Watch Terry from Whittier, CA Comments

Terry has an 86 year old mother who feels that the world is passing her by with all this social media stuff. She heard about a new computer called the WOW! computer. The WOW! computer is expensive, but they do offer a 30 day trial, so it may be worth it to give it a try. But remember, internet access will be an additional cost too. And the down side is, she would be completely dependent on the WOW! computer company for everything.

Leo got his mom an iPad, but Terry's mom has arthitis, so using an iPad is an issue. This WOW! Computer runs Linux, but it's hidden underneath an interface of big buttons to make it easy for older people to use it. Leo says another option is a Chromebox. It's like a Mac Mini, but uses Google Chrome OS. She can also find ideas at the or this article.

Watch Bobby from Cleveland, OH Comments

Bobby drives a truck and she has a MacBook Pro. She says she can get directions in Google Maps and can alter the directions and adjust the directions. But it's not doing it anymore and it's frustrating.

Leo says it's a cool feature he never knew about that Google maps can adjust directions on the fly. Leo says he's tried on all three browsers and it works just fine. He has a hunch that a trackpad may be the culprit here, as it has gesture control and it could be getting confused. Leo advises going into the trackpad settings and disabling the ones she doesn't use. There could be a hardware issue with the trackpad itself that's preventing it. So Leo suggests going into the Apple Store and having a genius take a look at it.

Watch Jesse from Lancaster, CA Comments

Jesse has an old iPhone 4S and he's thinking of upgrading, but he wants to avoid iOS 7.1. Should he switch to Android? Leo says we are in a wonderful time with plenty of great phones to choose from. If he's willing to leave the Apple ecosystem, it'll probably only set him back $50 in apps, and music will transfer fairly easily.

The iPhone 5S is a beauty, though. But it will be superseded by the iPhone 6 soon. Leo isn't a fan of Samsung phones anymore because they've been loaded up with junk and they're now made with a lot of plastic. Leo does like the Sony Xperia phone, but he doesn't care for the customizations. Leo says the HTC One is probably the best with a very crisp screen, front facing speakers, and a good 5" screen size. The camera is very good feature wise. At the end of the day, Leo has a hunch that Jesse will like the iPhone 5S the best.