What computer should I get for photo editing?

Episode 1081 (1:23:41)

Mark from Riverside, CA

Mark just bought a camera and is looking for a computer that he could edit photos on. He's currently using an older HP computer. Leo says he thinks a Mac would be good for this. The reason he likes Mac is because people have so many problems with viruses and malware on Windows. The Mac also has better color accuracy, unless he spends a lot of money on a Windows machine and pays attention to the monitor that it comes with. He can run Adobe Lightroom on Mac or PC, also, so chances are the software he uses will be available on Mac.

Leo also really likes the Lightroom app for iPad. He could take photo collections from his desktop and share them to his iPad to go through photos and do basic editing. Leo uses this for rejecting and picking photos quickly. Leo says the perfect setup for a photographer is a desktop or laptop Mac, and an iPad with the Lightroom app.