How can I put music on my Galaxy Note 2?

Episode 1081 (2:06:11)

Don from Mojave Valley, AZ
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Don has an iPhone that he's jailbroken. But he picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and he wants to be able to move his music over to it. Leo says the key is whether the music is copy protected or not. If they were bought recently, then there should be no issue with copying them over.

Leo recommends downloading one song through the phone to see where the phone puts it. He should have a choice to put it on the SD card, and then he'll see where the folder is for music. Then he can put the music in there. Leo also recommends using a program called DoubleTwist, which would allow him to sync via Wi-Fi. And any music he has copy protection on, he should buy iTunes Match, and it'll replace them with DRM free tracks.