What's the best Wi-Fi Security camera?

Episode 1079 (1:29:02)

Naomi from Denver, CO

Naomi is looking to add a Wi-Fi security camera to her home. What does she need? Leo says that DropCam has worked for him, but Leo didn't realize how much bandwidth it has to handle. He ended up giving the DropCams their own router. She would only have to pay a subscription to DropCam if she wants to store the video. Leo says she can do it herself if she has old computers and web cams lying around. He also suggests capturing stills every so often, and not stream to video live.

Another option is Foscam, or Vuezone by Netgear. They only light up when being accessed online or when there is movement. PalmVid GoVisionDVR card has two cameras that route into a card that runs into a PC. It's $187, which is a great deal.