How can I fix corrupted files in Windows 8?

Episode 1079 (20:38)

Cheryl from Orange County, CA

Cheryl got a new Dell Inspiron computer and upgraded to Windows 8.1. But she's discovered that there's corrupt files. Dell wants to charge her $300 to upgrade her coverage plan even though her warranty is still in force. Leo says since she bought an extended warranty through Office Depot, they should be responsible to fix it, not Dell. Leo says that Cheryl should make her own recovery discs, or she may have a hidden partition with the Windows 8 installer.

Cheryl needs to backup her data, then use the Windows 8 refresh command. "Swipe in" from the right edge of the screen to the "Charms menu," then choose "Settings," then "Change PC Settings." Or, with the Mouse, point to the upper righthand corner of the screen and then move down. Then Settings > Change PC settings. Then choose "Update and Recover." From there, Leo says to choose "Refresh PC without affecting your files." This will then run through the files and fix the corrupted files.

Since Cheryl paid for the support, she should have Office Depot fix it. Leo also believes that Cheryl has "too much computer" for her needs and she might want to just get an iPad or a Chromebook instead.