How do I make an app?

Episode 1078 (1:04:31)

Mike from Glendale, CA

Mike has an idea for an app, but doesn't know how to make it. Leo says that apps are like having gold in the hills. If he can get it made, that would be great. But he should understand that most apps don't make money and those that do are usually made by larger companies. It's easy to have a great idea, but there's a lot of distance to making the idea a reality and then making money off it. He can find programmers at or He'll probably have to pay them either a percentage of earnings or money up front. He'll also need a designer, and a marketing strategy. The more narrow the focus, the better.

This is what's exciting about the Internet. Anyone with an idea can find a market and harness the Internet to get it out there. If you can learn how to program and market, so much the better.