FCC Proposes New Rules That Would Kill Net Neutrality

Episode 1078 (03:10)


This week, the FCC proposed new rules that would allow companies to pay for better access to customers. What's even more shocking and disappointing is that Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC, is a former chairman of companies in both the cable and wireless industries. Even though he says "we still believe in an open Internet," Leo says it's a bald face lie. These rules, Leo says, will gut the FCC's ability to protect an open Internet.

If these rules go through, it will likely force all IPTV including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and even Leo's TWiT network to pay for preferred access to customers. Otherwise, internet service providers will prevent streaming. Meanwhile, Time Warner is going to be merging with Comcast and will become even more powerful. Startups like Facebook, eBay, Flickr, and those kinds of services we've come to love will no longer be able to emerge in the future. This is worse than SOPA and PIPA ever were, and the corruption is obvious.

Fortunately, even if the FCC votes on these rules, there will be a period of public comment and as such, we should scream to our members of Congress and to the FCC saying that we do not want these new rules!

To learn more, read this article from Stanford.edu - The FCC Changed Course on Net Neutrality, Here's Why You Should Care.