Where's the best place to start a blog?

Episode 1077 (13:16)

Evan from Phoenix, AZ

Evan is starting a blog and wants to know what the difference is between using WordPress and SquareSpace. Leo says for bloggers there are a lot of options. Blogger and WordPress are free options with ads inserted, and Leo says they're very good. Tumblr is also a good option. Wordpress also has a pay version, as does SquareSpace, where he can control the ads.

If you have a passion for something, a blog is an excellent tool to explore the things you enjoy. Evan is also thinking of starting with Facebook. Leo says the problem with Facebook is you have no control over your own content, nor do you own it. Leo also thinks that it's worth the $8 a month to go with SquareSpace because that way you don't have to move it around from a free site. But it wouldn't be the end of the world if you had to import your content over to SquareSpace after you've been doing it on a free site for awhile.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor)