How can I make an ISO on a USB thumbdrive?

Episode 1077 (34:24)

Eric from Kansas

Eric wants to play with Linux, but he doesn't want to write over his existing OS. He wants to write an ISO of Linux on a USB stick and then boot to it. Leo says that the installer for Linux should do that. Other options include Unetbootin is another. Leo does that with a wide variety of OS's on USB keys.

Eric also has a ReadyNAS and he's not thrilled with the Interface. Can he replace it? Leo says he isn't sure there's an third party option for ReadyNAS. And he's looked, so it's likely proprietary. He can take an old computer and turn it into a NAS using FreeNAS. That's really where the market is.

Eric also wants to set up a Roku, but doesn't know what model to get. Leo says that the Roku 3 is the latest and it has a built in headphone jack in the remote. Leo also likes the Amazon Fire TV. With the Fire TV, he can add apps and even games to expand the capability.