What's the easiest way to find an Internet Radio Station?

Episode 1076 (2:18:30)

Steve from Canoga Park, CA
Mondo Internet Radio by Grace

Steve wants to know why it's so difficult to tune into an Internet radio station. There has to be a better way than just search and then hunt around. Why isn't there a search protocol that's common? Leo says that it only works like that if there's a central authority. But the Internet isn't like that. Googling a radio station isn't always the best because every station does it differently.

The best solution is iHeartRadio, by Clear Channel. That will list all stations that are part of the Clear Channel network. There's also TuneIn Radio. Both iHeartRadio and TuneIn have great apps for smartphones as well.

A hardware option is to get an Internet Radio like by Grace, which tend to look like basic clock radios. Leo really likes the Mondo Internet Radio by Grace. It uses a service called Reciva. He could also use Reciva online.