What's the best way to run Windows on a Mac?

Episode 1076 (1:43:58)

Lawrence from Garden Grove, CA

Lawrence wants to run Windows and OS X on his Mac. Leo says that there are two ways to do this: He can run Windows with BootCamp, or virtually within Mac OS X. Leo advises running BootCamp when he first starts up and partition about 10GB for Windows. BootCamp will give him an option of which OS to boot up into when he turns it on.

If he wants to run it virtually within Mac OS X, then Parallels, Virtual Box or VMWare Fusion are all good options. It'll show up as just another window on OS X. Leo says he runs both, because then he can decide how he wants to run Windows each time.

Is Kaspersky a good antivirus for it? Leo says viruses won't migrate to the Apple side, and if he's running Windows virtually, he can just just throw it out and start over easily. Can he get rid of Kaspersky? Leo says yes, he can just uninstall it. He should just make sure he makes a snapshot of his virtual setup so if he gets bit, he can start over.