How can I get rid of ads in Yahoo Mail?

Episode 1076 (19:29)

Stan from Irvine, CA
Yahoo! Mail

Stan says that Yahoo's ads are popping up now in his email and he can't get rid of them unless he pays for Yahoo Pro. Is there any other way he can get rid of them? Leo says that Yahoo is a free service and the price he pays is in seeing ads. If he wants to pay for Yahoo Pro, then he won't see the ads. He could also do this with a toolbar called "AdBlock," but Leo feels it's unethical to avoid the ads if he's expecting the service for free.

Stan also uses Carbonite, but the backup is so slow, it takes days or even weeks to backup. Leo says that's due to the fact that Stan's download speeds are much faster than his upload speeds.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)