How can I live stream my band?

Episode 1075 (33:11)

Shane from Portland, ME

Shane has a band called the WeeLollies and they want to do live streaming of rehearsals and concerts. How do they get started? Leo says that free services like UStream and Justin.TV, are a good place to start, as is Google Hangouts. The audio isn't particularly great, but it's a start.

Leo says that Shane should model his streaming strategy from a band called Umphrey's McGee. They stream, sell concerts on USB keys, and offer live audio with wireless headphones for a price directly from the mixing board. You can also subscribe to their Couch Tour, and watch the live stream of their eight city tour in 4 camera HD for $40. It's a great concept. Leo says that this could be the future for all media, and the key is engagement with his community. It's not an audience anymore, it's a community. Much like the infamous "Dead Heads" for the Grateful Dead. The key is to start small and affordable, and build from there.