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Watch Pete from San Gabriel, CA Comments

Pete is having issues while playing Candy Crush. The game pieces seem to be moving out of control, and after he puts it in sleep mode and then wakes it back up, it affects other games as well. Leo says that sounds like a touch screen issue. Leo says that if it's a hardware issue, it can't be affordably fixed since it's several years old. Leo advises getting a new phone; it would be much faster and cheaper.

Before doing that, he can go to the settings and see if there's a firmware update available. That could solve the whole problem. Can he get a refurbished phone? Leo says that they should be fine if 1) he gets it from the manufacturer, and 2) it's not older than a year or two. It's always best to go with one from the manufacturer so he will still get a warranty on it. His carrier should offer him a free phone for re-upping his contract.

Watch Shane from Portland, ME Comments

Shane has a band called the WeeLollies and they want to do live streaming of rehearsals and concerts. How do they get started? Leo says that free services like UStream and Justin.TV, are a good place to start, as is Google Hangouts. The audio isn't particularly great, but it's a start.

Leo says that Shane should model his streaming strategy from a band called Umphrey's McGee. They stream, sell concerts on USB keys, and offer live audio with wireless headphones for a price directly from the mixing board. You can also subscribe to their Couch Tour, and watch the live stream of their eight city tour in 4 camera HD for $40. It's a great concept. Leo says that this could be the future for all media, and the key is engagement with his community. It's not an audience anymore, it's a community. Much like the infamous "Dead Heads" for the Grateful Dead. The key is to start small and affordable, and build from there.

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Watch Bob from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Bob has an LG Android phone through MetroPCS and he would like to unlock it. Leo says it isn't something he'd want to try himself, nor should he take advantage of offers on the Internet to unlock it. What Leo would recommend is contacting his carrier and ask if they will unlock it. He should tell them he's planning on traveling overseas and would like to unlock it to take advantage of purchasing a local sim to make phone calls. If he's past his two year commitment, they should be willing to do it. In fact, the chatroom says that MetroPCS will unlock it after three months. And it isn't illegal to do so. But if the carrier won't do it, Leo advises going to an independent cell phone store. They could unlock it and they'll want to get his business in an on-going fashion.

Watch Tiff from Redding, PA Comments

Tiff wants to know if it hurts the phone to keep it plugged in after it's done charging. Leo says it actually doesn't hurt it at all. Cellphones use Lithium Ion batteries and there's a limited number of full charge cycles. Keeping it plugged in when it's not being used preserves and improves the lifetime of the battery. It also has circuitry that prevents overcharging.

Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul wants to cut the cord as he's tired of his cable bills getting higher and higher. Can he replace the set top box and save a little money? Leo says that he recently bought a TIVO that can take a "cable card." This is a card that can plug into the DVR. The cable company is supposed to support it by law, but they aren't very helpful in getting it because that set top box is a big revenue stream. So he needs to know if he can get one from his cable company. Leo says to go down to the cable store and get face to face with them about it. Comcast has one called the "MCard," which will take the place of his box. Even if he does that, he'll have to pay a subscription to TIVO for the channel guide. Another option is Channel Master. But he'll have to be sure it's compatible with his cable company.

Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul also wants to know if there's a wireless microphone option for a phone. Leo says to give up on that. They're too expensive for a good wireless lapel mic. Leo says a directional shotgun mic is a good option. He likes the Apogee MiC. It can record via USB to a laptop, but also straight to an iPhone or iPad.

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Watch Pam from Hollywood, CA Comments

Pam has to get a new phone and she's really intimidated with the whole smartphone thing. She doesn't like apps, or the privacy issues. Leo says that smartphones are great for contact management, maps, pictures, and more. But that doesn't mean Pam needs to start drinking the Facebook kool-aid. Just don't install those apps.

Leo says he's not much of a fan of the Samsung Galaxy phones anymore. Leo advises the Motorola Moto X at Verizon. Since Pam is already a Google user, when she signs in, it'll sync directly to her contacts.

Watch Janet from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Janet is looking to get a new camera and was thinking about the Sony RX100. But at $700, is it too much for a camera she's going to take on vacation? Leo says the nice thing about the RX100 is that it has a really fast lens with a large sensor. That makes them great in low light. But if she doesn't need that all the time, Leo really likes the Canon Elph 130. 16MP, 720p video, about $100. That's a great option for a low price. The Powershot S110 is the top of the line in that category and it's only $210. So clearly, she has other lower priced options.

Watch Josh from Atlanta, GA Comments

Josh wants to create an online photosite on Instagram and other avenues, but how does he do that and pay the rent? Leo says he'll have to focus on building his audience and the money will come. He should build the community first. Figure out what he loves doing and base it on that. What he is passionate about is the best place to start. Since Josh has over a half million followers on Instagram, that's a heck of a place to build on.

Leo suggests using Patreon, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. Using those sites and then encouraging his followers to support him is a great tool to use to get to his goals. How does Josh get advertisers to join in? Leo says to find out who does advertising for those products and services he wants to feature and then talk to the people who do digital media. Then pitch to them.