Why can't I connect to the internet?

Episode 1074 (2:10:19)

Gina from Hollywood, CA

Gina tried to change her Windows account to a limited user, but now she has no internet connection. What happened? Leo says that sometimes a program won't operate properly unless it runs as an administrator. So that may cause the issue connecting to the Internet. She also has DSLExtreme and it may be that downgrading may have broken her connection to them. Leo says she should double check her connections as well. But at this point, Leo advises contacting DSLExtreme to ask them for help.

Leo also suggests powering down the DSL modem, shutting down the computer, then turning on the modem. Once it's powered on, turn on the computer and log in. Often that will reconnect everything. It's also possible that Gina tried to put herself on a Windows domain by checking all the boxes, when she shouldn't have, and that messed it all up. Make sure LAN is enabled.

Gina may be ready for a new computer, like a Chromebook, or even an iPad if all she does is surf the internet and answer emails.