Why can't my spotlight search work with my NAS?

Episode 1072 (1:45:04)

Red from Los Angeles, CA

Red just bought a Synology NAS for the office. But now, the spotlight search on his Mac doesn't work. He has to enable and activate it through the terminal command, but even after that it takes forever to index. Leo says that NAS is network attached storage and it's great for backing up data. In Red's case, it's probably that the NAS uses a different file system than the Mac. And as such, Spotlight can't index it. While the NAS looks like a local drive, it isn't. It may also be how Red has mounted the NAS. He needs to use AFP, Apple's protocol. There's a forum post on Synology's website here and here. It may be that the index was done, but it's corrupt.

DevonThink makes an alternative called EasyFind. Another option is FoundApp.com.