Why am I unable to update Windows? Do I have a virus?

Episode 1072 (2:25:37)

Mike from Lake Forest, CA

Mike says his daughter's computer has a virus, and now he can't run Windows update. She was downloading music. Leo wonders what the symptoms were that led Mike to believe he had a virus. It could be a bad sector on a hard drive. Leo advises scanning with an online antivirus checker. Leo also suggests running Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. Click on "Start," then select "Run,", type "MRT" and hit enter. He should choose to do a thorough scan. He can also try MalwareBytes.org. If it finds something, then he does indeed have malware. But if not, it could mean that he has a bad sector. The only real fix for malware is to back up the data, wipe the drive and start over reinstalling Windows from a known good source.