Why am I getting warnings about websites being infected?

Episode 1072 (16:28)

Michael from Cerritos, CA

Michael has noticed that he gets a warning that some websites are suspect and it won't let him in unless he agrees to take the risk. Leo says that is a function of Google and Microsoft which searches websites and flags them as being at risk for malware. Leo says it's a good service, and helps prevent malware from poorly designed websites from infecting users, especially on the Windows platform. Forums are frequently bit because they are written in open source and rarely updated. They should fix it, because if Michael is having issues, then everyone is. The forum admins are likely aware and will probably fix it in time.

This is a great service on the part of Google and Microsoft watching out for users. It doesn't stop him from going forward, especially if he's using a Chromebook or Mac. If he uses those, then by all means, accept the risk and go ahead and dive in. Leo also applauds his paranoia, because that will protect him.