What's the best version of Linux?

Episode 1072 (1:12:51)

Terry from Santa Ana, CA
Linux Penguin

Terry is looking to install Linux on his computer and with all the various flavors out there, he's wondering if one has an advantage over the others. What are the pros and cons of each? Leo says it's import to understand that Linux, while a great OS for the hobbyist, is not necessarily for the average user. He'll really have to want to learn how to use Linux for it to be a good experience. Since no one owns linux, and it's open source, there's a ton of "flavors", which are referred to as "distributions." They're all approved by the creator Linus Torvalds, but there are indeed a lot of them.

Leo advises visiting distrowatch.com. It'll help him make a choice as it summarizes each one and gives all the pros and cons. It also shows which ones are aimed specifically at certain operations. For instance, Ubuntu Mint is great for media applications. XUbuntu works for older computers. Drivers may be an issue for certain hardware as well, so he should make sure to try it before he goes forward with it.