What's the best printer for every day use?

Episode 1072 (1:57:33)

Oromay from California
Epson Expression 310

Oromay bought a Lenovo laptop and is having trouble connecting it to her Dell printer, and Dell says it's too old to support the Lenovo. So she's thinking of getting an HP printer. Why HP? Because she saw it on sale in the paper. Leo says that Laser printers would give her a lower cost per page, even though they're a bit more expensive up front. They don't do photos very well, though. Deskjets are better for photography and home use because the use isn't as intense as in the office. So Leo advises a wireless networking inkjet that prints photos. Both HP and Epson make those, but Leo prefers Epson. An all-in-one is a good option for the home user because she would be able to scan and copy documents as well.

Leo says that the Epson Expression 310 is the best option for her. And at $85, it's very affordable. Of course, the ink is a bit pricey and that's why the printers are cheap. Another option would be the Epson Expression 410, but she should look at the Expression line and see what one looks best to her. The Canon Pixma is another great choice.

Can the ink cartridges be refilled? Leo says that's a bad idea because she won't really save much money and the printers now have circuitry that can reject them.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor).