Should I use a hard drive or SSD to rip my DVDs?

Episode 1072 (2:10:07)

Jamie from Hagerstown, MD
Crucial SSD

Jamie wants to rip hundreds of DVDs and compress them on his computer. Leo says that's a great idea. But since Jamie has an SSD, it would be a good idea to get an external drive. Jamie is worried about bumpy roads, though. Leo says SSDs would be better for that, since they don't have moving parts. But hard drives also should be able to handle that. Still, Leo says he understands the concern. Either way would work, and it won't be hard on the hard drive to do the ripping. Sold state would be ideal for a trucker's computer, but the cost per gig is much more. Since all the work is done in RAM, there's little concern about the actual heavy lifting affecting the drive.

Leo advises using both Handbrake and VideoLan client to work together. A pay option is Slysoft.