What should I get for my first smart phone? (Part 1)

Episode 1071 (16:42)

James from Woodland Hills, CA
Motorola Moto X

James is going to get his first smartphone and is considering getting an older model like the Samsung Galaxy S3. But should he just move forward and go with the latest HTC One? He doesn't want an iPhone, though. Leo says that in general, it's not a good idea to go with an older model because he'll lose out on the latest innovations. However, with Samsung, things have gotten worse because Samsung has loaded it with programs that users can't get rid of, in addition to what the carrier puts on it. At least the Galaxy S3 didn't have so much of that nonsense. It's not up to date, though, and more apps are being written for faster processors.

For James' first smartphone, Leo suggests the Motorola Moto-X or the Moto G. Leo says there is no better Android phone on the market. It doesn't have a great camera, but it's a great size and feels good in the hand. Another option is the Google Nexus 5, which is a pure Google phone that is about $325 unsubsidized.

James should also consider a Windows Phone. The Nokia Lumia 925 has one of the best cameras on the market, but they don't have as many apps as Android or iPhone.

Leo advises going to T-Mobile and asking them to show him some phones. See how they feel in his hand. It's a very personal choice and getting some experience with them usually tells the tale.