Scott Wilkinson and NAB in 4K

Episode 1071 (24:56)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott is heading to NAB this week to see what the professionals are doing with 4K. Scott is interested because it will largely impact the standards of ultra high definition moving forward, and that will greatly drive the consumer market. But how will content be graded by pros to take advantage of the new standard? That hasn't been determined yet and Scott will see where it's going at NAB. There's also trends in high dynamic range and color gamut, which are going to provide a broader range of colors with ultra high definition.

Scott also wants to see the latest in high frame rate. Scott says it could be a real game changer, even though a lot of people don't like it. TVs can support this, too. Leo also says that prices dropping for 4K will happen faster than it did for 1080p, and that's certainly going to drive it as well.