Johnny Jet

Episode 1071 (1:15:50)

Johnny Jet has a great travel tip - always target business hotels on weekends. They tend to be empty and offer great deals. Johnny also says that Uber is a great app and car service for renting cars in San Francisco. Leo says he likes Uber's car service a lot because it's a comfortable ride. But there's controversy because it's not bonded and many cities have banned them. Johnny also says that LAX won't allow Uber drivers because it gets a piece of all taxi fees. There was also a riot in Paris over Uber and cab drivers last year. Johnny says Uber-X is a great deal because it's very cheap and you get treated really well. You can follow them on your app, and you know what the driver looks like. Johnny says you can also hit "share" and let people know when you're coming. Leo says it's a great service, and Johnny adds that you can also rate drivers.

Another great app is Fly Cleaners. It's an app for travelers in New York, which will clean your laundry. It's just starting out, but you can choose laundry soap and fabric softener and they'll come get your laundry and deliver it when it's done.