Can I use a VPN to get around ISPs throttling Netflix?

Episode 1071 (1:27:52)

Steve from Summerville, MA

Steve signed up for a VPN in order to bypass the bottlenecks brought about by his ISP and Netflix. Leo says that's an interesting solution as the data would be encrypted and the ISP wouldn't know what the data is. Leo says ISPs are slowing down the traffic by 33%, and it's terrible that they do it. VPNs could be a solution to that. However, it also delays his signal because of the overhead of encryption and decryption that would be required. Since Netflix is paying Comcast now for preferred traffic access, a VPN would actually slow the signal down. Leo says that in many cases, the software can slow down media center software like Plex. Some like Tunnel Barron can exclude some applications from the VPN pipeline so they don't slow down, though.