What antivirus should I get with my new laptop?

Episode 1070 (42:23)

Jim from Yorba Linda, CA

Jim is buying a new Dell computer and wants to know what antivirus software he should get? Leo says first, an antivirus can't protect him against yourself. It should just be used as a backstop. He will be the first line of defense.

Windows actually has a good antivirus solution built into Windows 8 called Windows Defender. That'll work just fine as long as he keeps it up to date. He should also make sure he runs as a standard user, not an administrator. And don't click on links in emails.

Leo also recommends spending extra to get a higher resolution display. If he can afford it, he should get an SSD. Will a 5400fpm hard drive be okay? Leo says it's a bit slow, but since Jim is getting a lower end laptop anyway, it'll be fine for what he needs.