How can I protect myself when banking online?

Episode 1070 (1:22:35)

Dave from Bellflower, CA

Dave wants to know the best way to protect himself when banking online. Leo says that it's obvious that banking personally is far more secure than banking online. But coupling the convenience of online banking with very limited liability, it's hard not to take advantage of it.

Leo recommends using two factor authentication to protect his password because it requires an authentication code sent to his phone. He should make sure he is using "https://" when connecting to his bank's site. His bank should be using that automatically.

As for the infamous "secret questions" for password recovery, Leo says not to use real answers! Lie about it. They are too easy for someone else to figure out, based on information they can find online. Use bogus answers that he can remember.

It also would help for him to use a password manager like LastPass to manage and generate his passwords online. They are impossible to guess. It works on his mobile devices as well ask his desktop.