Can I have an XP machine safely in my network if I don't allow it online?

Episode 1070 (2:28:43)

Monny from Roxbury, NJ

Monny has a bunch of XP machines that he has to upgrade. Leo says that he doesn't necessarily have to. It is possible to operate XP safely online. Here's what you can do -

1. Stop using XP as an administrator. Use it as a limited user instead. Add an account as an administrator and then demote your existing account to limited user. This will stop over 90% of all the exploits out there.
2. Stop using Internet Explorer. Go with Google Chrome. It's free and far more secure.
3. Don't click on links in email.
4. Only get your software from original vendors.
5. Keep your anti virus software up to date.
6. Stop using Java.

You do these things, you'll be fine moving forward after April 8th.

But Monny wants to have his XP computers in the network, but not available online. Leo says to make sure the XP firewall is turned on. He should change the settings of the XP computer so it doesn't have the gateway address. Modify the router to block it by MAC address, and hide all the browser icons.