How can I encrypt my data on Google Drive?

Episode 1069 (1:21:31)

Trevor from Richmond, CA

Trevor signed up for additional storage on Google Drive and wants to encrypt his data. Leo says that a lot of the value of Google drive is lost if he encrypts it. But many people are concerned with hackers and the NSA seeing everything. Leo says that encryption is a good way to give him peace of mind. TrueCrypt is a free program that allows him to scramble any file and then move it to Google Drive. It will be unreadable to everyone, as long as he uses a good strong password.

He also wants to use GMail and wants to know if second factor authentication is safe enough. Leo says it is. Gmail is already encrypted, and 2nd factor encryption adds another layer of security. Someone would need to have his phone, which is where the code gets sent, in order to get access to the account.