What's the easiest way to burn CDs in Windows 7? (Part 1)

Episode 1068 (2:23:13)

Michael from Long Beach, CA

Michael wants to back up all his images onto CDs for safe keeping. He used to use Nero, but it doesn't work on Windows 7. Leo says that Windows may be able to burn it natively. He'll want to format the CD and then drag the files onto it. Then he can select "burn," and it'll be done. Leo says he doesn't put stuff on CDs anymore, he uses the Cloud instead. And with Flickr by Yahoo offering 1TB of free image storage, it's a good option. Also, just having one backup isn't really a backup. Backing up to the cloud is a wise idea.

There's a few free options like IMG Burn, which is like the old Nero. CD Burner XP is an excellent option as well. It works like Nero and also can handle Blu-rays.

How can he downgrade his user account to a standard user? Leo says to create an administrator account first and then in the user account settings he can downgrade any user account. He'll have to have at least one administrator account, though.