How can I protect myself online with my new computer?

Episode 1068 (31:47)

Billy from Redondo Beach, CA

Billy is getting a new Windows 8 desktop and wants to be sure he sets it up with the proper security. Leo says that Microsoft is now bundling Windows Defender (formerly called Security Essentials) with Windows 8, so he'll be protected as long as he keeps it up to date. There are other things he can do to protect yourself more, though:

1. Stop using Windows as an administrator. Use it as a limited user instead. Add an account as an administrator and then demote the existing account to "limited user." This will stop over 90% of all the exploits out there.
2. Stop using Internet Explorer. He should get Google Chrome. It's free and far more secure. This has Adobe Flash built in, and it's sandboxed so it's safer. Billy shouldn't install Flash separately.
3. He should not install Java, unless he knows he needs it.
4. Don't click on links in email.
5. Only get software from the original vendors.
6. Keep the antivirus software up to date.
7. Be careful of what gets installed, and he should be careful what he clicks on.

If Billy does these things, he should be fine going forward. Billy should also check out to learn more about how to catch phishing scams before they catch him.