Why am I having so much trouble with Netflix streaming?

Episode 1067 (2:18:28)

Steve from Los Angeles, CA

Steve loves watching Netflix but he's not getting a consistent connection. Leo says that consistency is the key for Netflix streaming. Steve's provider may be artificially slowing down the service in order to make him want to buy their competing services. That's what Comcast did. He could try using a wired connection instead of than Wi-Fi. Steve can also try using AppleTV. The streaming is far better because Apple routes the streaming through their own data center. It really bites because Netflix already paid up to Comcast and now it looks like AT&T is expecting the same treatment.

Other things he can do is go to speedtest.net and pingtest.net to see how good his connection actually is. But with Steve's 18MBps speed, there shouldn't be any problem.