Why am I getting an error saying the "Catalyst Control Center" isn't supported?

Episode 1066 (1:00:16)

Barbara from Chula Vista, CA

Barbara bought a refurbished Windows 7 computer and she keeps getting an error message saying that the Catalyst Control center isn't supported. Leo says that's a video card driver error and it's likely that Barbara just needs to update her drivers. ATI's Catalyst Control center is primilary for gamers and Leo says going to AMD.com and clicking on the driver support page will get her where she needs to go. She will need to know what video card she has. Barbara should get this directly from AMD, not a third party site.

Barbara says she tried to remove the driver but it won't let her. Leo says that's because Barbara got her drivers from a third party, and as such, she's been infected with Malware. So the only thing she can do at this point is to boot into safe mode and see if she can remove them. If not, then Leo advises backing up her data, formatting her hard drive and reinstalling Windows from a known, good source. Then run the updates.