Johnny Jet

Episode 1066 (31:23)

Johnny Jet is in Australia for the official first game of the 2014 Baseball Season, as the Dodgers play the Arizona Diamond Backs "down under." Leo wants to know what the trick is for jet lag. Johnny says that everyone is different and he suggests getting on local time as soon as you can. Stay awake during the flight, so that when you get where you're going, you can get some sleep. He also advises taking a walk when you get where you're going and to take a hot shower before going to bed.

United Airlines will be offering free in-flight movies for Apple Devices starting in April. 150 movies and 200 TV shows will be offered up for streaming or download. Johnny says this could be the first move in taking away free in-flight entertainment systems, since most people have mobile devices these days and can have their own. is a great website with fantastic information for weather at your destination.