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Watch Todd from Petaluma, CA Comments

Todd would like to have separate Apple IDs for his kids. Leo says users can have up to 5 Apple IDs per credit card, but only two Apple IDs per device. iTunes allows 10 devices with 5 computers. Todd will have to remember to deauthorize them when he stops using a device.

Leo also says that he can have as many iCloud accounts as he wants, and that's good for backing up photos to Photostream. Todd can have a separate iCloud account for Photostream and then a separate Apple ID for purchases and iMessages.

Watch Robert from Carlston, SC Comments

Robert got a deal on the Motorola Moto X since he has a .edu account. He's also considering the Google Nexus 5.

Leo says he prefers a cleaner Android experience, and as such the Nexus is pure Android with no customizations. However, while the Nexus 5 is better in almost every respect, Leo likes the Moto X because it has a few extra features that are very nice. For instance, the user can just say "Ok, Google Now" and give the phone instructions without touching it. It can do that because it has a dedicated, low power chip that does the listening. The downside to the Moto X is that the camera isn't as good. In fact, it's one of the worst out there. The Nexus 5 camera is far better. It may just come down to what carrier he has.

Robert also wants to know what Leo's favorite podcast app is on Android. Leo likes Doggcatcher, which is $2.99 in the Google Play Store.

Watch Barbara from Chula Vista, CA Comments

Barbara bought a refurbished Windows 7 computer and she keeps getting an error message saying that the Catalyst Control center isn't supported. Leo says that's a video card driver error and it's likely that Barbara just needs to update her drivers. ATI's Catalyst Control center is primilary for gamers and Leo says going to and clicking on the driver support page will get her where she needs to go. She will need to know what video card she has. Barbara should get this directly from AMD, not a third party site.

Barbara says she tried to remove the driver but it won't let her. Leo says that's because Barbara got her drivers from a third party, and as such, she's been infected with Malware. So the only thing she can do at this point is to boot into safe mode and see if she can remove them. If not, then Leo advises backing up her data, formatting her hard drive and reinstalling Windows from a known, good source. Then run the updates.

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Watch Kevin from Iowa Comments

Kevin wants to get his wife a nice DSLR, but he's confused by the sensor sizes. Should he get CMOS or CCD? Leo says that all DSLRs have CMOS sensors now, and they come in various sizes; usually APS-C, full frame, or micro four-thirds sensors. The bigger the sensor, the more light it can take in. Naturally, full frame is more expensive and tends to be in professional grade cameras. But that doesn't mean that APS-C isn't good. It's great, especially for the hobbyist. Having more megapixels is also a good thing, but only to a point.

DSLRs typically use mirrors to reflect the image into the viewfinder, but that adds size and weight. The new thing is a Mirrorless DSLR.

Micro Four-Thirds is a great option with nice lenses. Leo likes the Olympus OM-D E-M5. In the APS-C category, Leo usually recommends the Canon Rebels. What about the Sony A7? Leo says that they're great cameras, but may be a bit advanced.

Chris Marquardt likes the Canon SL-1. It's compact like an MFT, but uses Canon lenses. He also says that Micro Four-thirds is a good place to start.

Watch Kelsey from London, England Comments

Kelsey is vision impaired and uses the accessibility settings in both iPhone and Windows 7. Leo says that Apple has done a great job on that in its iOS.

Kelsey is having trouble syncing Gmail with Exchange. Microsoft blames Google, but Google says that Microsoft doesn't even support exchange anymore. The chatroom offers this technote from Microsoft -

Watch Sindar from Maryland Comments

Sindar is having trouble with his Samsung Galaxy Note II running slow. Leo says that it's always a good idea to delete everything, and do a factory reset to see if that helps. Also, the more apps he has, the less storage he'll have available, and it will slow down more. The older a smartphone gets, the more worn the SSD gets, and the slower it becomes. That's why modern Android phones use a utilty called "Trim." It also may help to go with Android 4.3, because that provides Trim support.

Sindar should check out the Lagfix app in the Google Play store. He'll have to root his phone to use it, though.