What's a good computer for writing a memoir?

Episode 1065 (1:38:53)

JR from Detroit, MI
Samsung Chromebook

JR's mom wants a laptop to write her memoirs, but she's not very computer savvy. Leo says that at 76, a laptop may be more problematic because of the small screen. A large desktop screen could be more beneficial. She also wants to dictate, but Leo says that Voice dictation is only about 90% accurate and that means she'll still have to go through and fix it all. Leo says that recording it and then having it transcribed is a better option, especially for someone who has trouble typing. She also wants a printer. Leo says she doesn't really need a printer anymore, but if she wants one, a laser printer is a good choice.

For Windows, Leo likes the Acer Aspire S7. Leo also says that there's a great website called StoryWorth, which will send a question every week for her to record an answer to, and then it compiles it. She can even phone in her answer. This is great for generating answers and getting her thinking of what she wants to write about.

What about Chromebooks? Leo says they're great, and Google docs will do dictation soon. Leo advises giving it a try first. If it works, then that's all she'd need. Meanwhile, in Google's Chrome browser, Dictation.io does a good job with dictation.

Which Chromebook is best? Leo says that Samsung's new Chromebook is ideal. Google's dictation is as good, if not better, than Dragon.