How can I wire my new house for high speed Ethernet?

Episode 1065 (12:34)

Rob from Laguna Beach, CA
Ethernet in wall

Rob bought an old church and he's remodeling it. He wants to install Ethernet to create a network in home. Leo says that if Rob wants Internet everywhere, the ideal time to lay down ethernet cable is when the walls are open. However, pretty much everything we do now is wireless. For music, he'll want to do wirelessly. A simple Wi-Fi analysis will show him whether Wi-Fi in his home is crowded or not. If it is, then going back to wired connections is a great idea. Putting a wireless adapter at the end of each wire would give him the best of both worlds, especially if he has an Ethernet jack in each wall.

Leo recommends going with Cat5, which is the old copper. It will transfer 100mbps. Cat5e is enhanced and there's even Cat6, which is gigabit Ethernet. It just depends on what he can afford. Cat6 is really good for video. Rob could also bundle coax-Ethernet, or even go with fiber. Leo put Cat6 in the Brickhouse studios, but it wasn't cheap. Another good idea is to run conduit at the same time he's running cable so that he won't have to tear out the walls to upgrade later. He can just route the new wire in the conduit when he's ready. Leo also recommends using a licensed electrician to avoid noise contamination.

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