How can I skype my daughter when she has no internet?

Episode 1065 (38:35)

Adam from Bakersfield, CA
Google Nexus 7

Adam is in the military and he's going to be heading to Texas while he leaves his daughter behind with her mother. He'd like to keep in contact with her via the Internet, but she doesn't have it where she's going to live. Leo says there's always the Library or a free public Wi-Fi hotspot. If her Android tablet has an SD card slot, he could send audio/video on an SD card and share it that way.

A Mi-Fi unit is a good option if her NextBook tablet supports it. Virgin Mobile has one for $30 a month. Adam can get a Nexus 7 tablet and pay $30 a month for 4G access. He should also call the Wireless companies and ask for a military discount.