What's a good affordable Plasma or LCD?

Episode 1064 (44:46)

Dave from Fountain Valley, CA

Dave is in the market to upgrade his HDTV and wants an affordable 60" plasma. Leo says that Dave needs to act now because many companies are getting out of the Plasma business. Panasonic makes the best plasmas, but they're not cheap. Samsung and LG also make them, but LCDs are getting better. Dave is also wondering if 3D is really any better. Leo says no. It's an additional feature, nothing more. Some are even dumping it as a feature.

So what brand is best? Leo's partial to Panasonic TVs. Dave shouldn't hesitate to get an LED, but he should make sure it is a backlit LED, though. He should calibrate it by taking it off of "dynamic" or "store" mode. Choose "movie" mode instead.