How can I backup all my old photos?

Episode 1064 (1:10:31)

Barb from Spring Hill, FL

Barbara's mom recently passed away and she's been left with tubs of old photos and negatives. She bought a scanner that does a great job, but with the old negatives, they're too big. She set up her own template and now she has 7000 images scanned and organized on her PC. How should she store them safely other than in the cloud?

Leo says that adopting a 3-2-1 backup strategy, popularized by Peter Krogue and his book "The DAM Book" (Digital Asset Management) is the way to go. Three copies, on two different formats, and one off site. Check out's Backup primer. CDs can decay, as can DVDs. The reflective layer can corrode. So every few years, she's going to want to change to the next popular format. The best way to preserve them for generations is to print them on acid free paper and then store them in the dark.