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Watch Thomas from Stamford, CT Comments

Thomas's mom has an old PC that runs XP and he's trying to convince her to upgrade. Leo says it's a tall order to get people to change as there's over 30% of computers still running XP! Leo says that starting April 8th, Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft, and as such, there may be a 66% greater risk of the computer getting infected online. So it's even more important to get that computer off the Internet after April 8. Even better, get her to upgrade her computer and run Windows 8.1.

Another thing is that if the PC is running so slow, formatting the hard drive (or replacing it altogether) and then reinstalling Windows will speed it up. If she isn't going to upgrade her computer to Windows 8, then maybe putting Windows 7 on it would be a good idea. It may be that all she really needs is an iPad or a Chromebook to do everything she needs to do.

She should also have the latest Windows service packs. She should also be running as a limited user, not an administrator. That's key to avoiding the installation of programs she doesn't want. She should also uninstall Java, and use Google Chrome as her browser. She also may want to look into Trend Micro, which has a special program for XP users.

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Watch Dave from Fountain Valley, CA Comments

Dave is in the market to upgrade his HDTV and wants an affordable 60" plasma. Leo says that Dave needs to act now because many companies are getting out of the Plasma business. Panasonic makes the best plasmas, but they're not cheap. Samsung and LG also make them, but LCDs are getting better. Dave is also wondering if 3D is really any better. Leo says no. It's an additional feature, nothing more. Some are even dumping it as a feature.

So what brand is best? Leo's partial to Panasonic TVs. Dave shouldn't hesitate to get an LED, but he should make sure it is a backlit LED, though. He should calibrate it by taking it off of "dynamic" or "store" mode. Choose "movie" mode instead.

Watch Stacey from Anaheim, CA Comments

Stacey bought a Microsoft Surface tablet and really likes it. He's wondering if it's ok to use it with a traditional mouse and keyboard as opposed to using the touch screen, though. Leo says since it's his personal computer, he should be able to use it however he wants! There is no incorrect way to use it.

Watch Drew from St. Louis, MO Comments

Drew wants to know if Microsoft Security Essentials is good enough or should he buy an AVS. Leo says that MSE is good if he doesn't want to pay for one, but if he's willing to buy it, then he should. Eset's Nod 32 has heuristics that enables it to anticipate viruses before they happen. But the antivirus software can give a false sense of security. If he relies on that and doesn't change his online behavior, he's going to get infected anyway. If he runs as a limited user, he can protect himself against 90% of all the bad stuff out there.

Watch Drew from St Louis, MO Comments

Leo says that there are plenty of waterproof speakers out there. Kohler makes a speaker that is also a shower nozzle. iDuck is fun bluetooth speaker for kids. He can stream from his computer if it supports Bluetooth. Leo also has a Sonos speaker in the bathroom which works great. The chatroom says to check out Pyle Speakers.

Check out the TWiT podcast Before You Buy.

Watch Victor from Anaheim, CA Comments

Victor wants to know about IP version 6. The way IP version 6 works is like the current system of numbers, but instead of a dotted "quad", which is four 8 bit digits surrounded by dots, they've added two more to make it a dotted "sextet." This allows for a large amount of IP addresses.

IPv6 (Wikipedia)…

Watch Barb from Spring Hill, FL Comments

Barbara's mom recently passed away and she's been left with tubs of old photos and negatives. She bought a scanner that does a great job, but with the old negatives, they're too big. She set up her own template and now she has 7000 images scanned and organized on her PC. How should she store them safely other than in the cloud?

Leo says that adopting a 3-2-1 backup strategy, popularized by Peter Krogue and his book "The DAM Book" (Digital Asset Management) is the way to go. Three copies, on two different formats, and one off site. Check out's Backup primer. CDs can decay, as can DVDs. The reflective layer can corrode. So every few years, she's going to want to change to the next popular format. The best way to preserve them for generations is to print them on acid free paper and then store them in the dark.

Watch Rob from Irvine, CA Comments

Rob wants to know the best way to share large legal documents and photos. Leo says that ShareFile is a great option for lawyers, but might not be so great for their clients. OneDrive would work. He would need an account to do it, though. There used to be a great option called DropIO, but Facebook bought it and killed the service. BitDrop is a good one. He'd have to run his own website to make it work. Bittorrent Sync would work, but he won't want to have to install it on his client's pages.

Other options include File Dropper, SupplyDrops, WeTransfer, Sharefest, Gett Sharing, Hightail, SecureFilePro, and SendSpace. But the thing is, we don't know how secure these third party options are. This is why Leo recommends ShareFile. It's HIPPA Compliant and he can send them a link, they can click on it, and then upload directly to him.

Disclaimer: ShareFile is a sponsor.

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Watch Daniel from Redlands, CA Comments

Daniel has so many social media outlets for his business, and it's becoming a full-time job managing all of it. Leo says that if he has a business, he should at least have a web page, and a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is good for selling goods. Google Plus is good, but it's not widespread at all. Twitter is great for communicating with customers, though. LinkedIn is good for finding employees. But at the end of the day, it's best to just keep it simple. YouTube is great for video, but he's better off driving people to his own webpage.

But there's great apps like HootSuite that can create a social media dashboard for managing multiple outlets. He should avoid the temptation to just copy the same post on all platforms. He should post in the style of each and find out where his customers are.

Watch Mark from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Mark wants to create a media server in his home that he can stream throughout the house. Is there a server that works across multiple platforms that will allow him to go from room to room and remember where he was? Leo recommends Plex. It's based on the XBox Media Center and they've gone well beyond that. And XBMC will remember where he is.

Mark tried Plex but it doesn't seem to remember where he was. Leo says, and the chatroom agrees, that Plex should remember, so there's something going on. The chatroom also says he needs an account on Plex which can keep track of all of his programs and where he was. He can also go premium for about $4 a month and have more capability anywhere he goes.

Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim wants to add more RAM to his 2009 MacBook Pro, but he doesn't know how much he can put into it. Leo says to go to and look up his particular model. It will then tell him how much RAM he can put in it. Then go to OtherWorld Computing (Mac Sales) and order it.

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom wants to get a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Should he get a hard drive or SSD? Leo says that if he gets the MacBook Pro, he can still get an SSD and it's worth it unless he gets the low end model. Leo doesn't recommend getting that one though. The MacBook Air is great for travel because it's so lightweight. And an SSD is so much faster. Anything else just feels too slow.

Watch Diane from Colfax, CA Comments

Diane thought it would be a good idea to get an Android tablet along with her Android phone. So she bought a Google Nexus 7. She reset the tablet and now she has a black screen and she can't turn it off or get a live screen. Leo says that tablets are like any other computer and they can freeze up or crash. Leo recommends turning off the phone first. Once it turns off, let it sit for a bit and turn it back on. If that doesn't work, Diane can do a hard reset by holding both the power off button and the volume up button. That will reset the tablet.